Friday, February 17, 2012


It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this page. For those who missed me - which I know is few - I'm sorry. I've been suddenly inspired to post again. I like that I can just be me here :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


So here's something new. Tell me what you think:

“What do you think she’s dreaming about?”

“Who knows? Can’t believe she’s sleeping though. With all this food around you’d think she’d be stuffing her face. And then there are the video games…”

“Maybe she spent all last night studying for that test we had today.”

“Usagi and studying? I don’t think so. Plus there was the fight with a you-know-what last night. She probably went straight to bed afterward.”

“Yeah, sounds like Usagi.”

Mamoru sat in his usual spot sipping away on coffee, occasionally looking over at the group of girls gathered around the sleeping blonde.

Though it should have been no concern to him, he really couldn’t help but to wonder what put the Odango in dream mode. They had a routine – he and her – and everyday they followed that routine; she’d walk in, they’d argue, and then she’d take a stool and proceed to eating her weight in ice cream.

But today was different. She walked through the electronic doors, took a seat two stools away from his, and simply dozed into a deep sleep. Her friends soon gathered. And he couldn’t help listening in on their theories.

Odango was in a fight? He couldn’t imagine, and he doubted the ‘studying all night’ one. Not that he found her dumb. Even the Odango had her moments of genius. It was just after having once been struck on the head by her crumpled 32% test paper he found it hard to believe she ever had an all night study session.

Maybe today was just one of those days.

Usagi’s body began to shift. His eyes were once again locked on her sleeping figure.

“…more…please……more…” she started to moan, startling all those around. By this time everyone had their own thoughts as to what she could be dreaming of, some thoughts too dirty to voice.

“Sounds like she’s dreaming something dirty to me.”

“Hey she could be asking for more food – like cake or brownies.”

“Yeah, only Odango would moan like that for food.”

“Well I still think she’s moaning for… something else.”

Her pleas for more of the unknown continued to fill the ears of those near, including the ears of the dark haired man two seats away.

Before she could say more, Ami decided to wake her for her moans were beginning to attract unwanted attention. “Usagi…Usagi…” Ami called as she shook her friend’s shoulder.

“Mmmmhmm…… what…?” Usagi drowsily responded, still drifting from her previous state of rest as her mind slowly became aware of her surroundings.

“Usagi, what were you dreaming about?”

Her eyes finally focused, a confused expression began to form on her face, and then her eyes widened as if hit by realization. “What did I say?” she asked them in a panicked tone, only heightening their curiosity.

“Please and more over and over again” Minako answered with a mischievous grin. “Hot dream? Who was the guy?”

Usagi’s face then flushed a bright red.

“Usagi, seriously?!” Minako squealed.

“Minako stop it! She was probably just dreaming about food. Right Usagi?” asked Ami.

“Yeah, I was dreaming about… ice cream. Yum…” she said now licking her lips. “Um, I gotta go. See ya guys” she then raced out the arcade leaving behind a confused group of friends, but not before taking a quick glance towards Mamoru. A glance he didn’t fail to notice.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

English Sonnet

Here's the sonnet I wrote for English:

Sitting here in my room - a pen in hand,
Writing in my diary about you.
Always slipping through my fingers like sand,
My unrequited love; this will not do.
What is it about you that attracts me?
Thinking of all that you may love or hate,
I write what I believe from what I see.
But an enigma you are – a locked gate.
In my dreams you are open and we talk,
But all must soon fade with the rising sun.
Back to the same routine – you tease, I walk.
Hurt inside because all you make is fun.
In yet, it is hope that keeps me going.
Hope that one day all ends with the joking.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New kid with a story

Hi! I decided to join in order to post and receive comments on this new story I just started working on. It's a work in progress, and I'd really appreciate your honest feedback. Feel free to tell me what you liked, what you didn't like, what you'd love to see happen next, etc. THANKS!

So here it is, and keep in mind that this isn't the beginning of the story. I wasn't all too sure on how I'd go about starting my story, so I just started with writing out the scene I knew I'd include.

OK, here it is:

It had happened all too quickly.

Too engrossed in her reading, Celeste failed to notice the red Mercedes speeding her way. It wasn’t until the honking of the driver’s horn, catching her attention, did she finally lift her face from the pages of her book.

Suddenly aware of her seemingly inevitable demise, she stopped dead in tracks, paralyzed with fear, and eyes impossibly wide.

The book that had left her spellbound just seconds ago was now the last thing on her mind as it slipped from her grasp, hitting asphalt.

Legs unmoving, she accepted her fate. With eyes squeezed tightly shut, she waited for the painful impact she knew was to come.

It never came.

Seconds passed, but that expected gut-wrenching pain never occurred. Her fear soon shaped into an overwhelming curiosity, so slowly she opened her eyes, and there stood before her, the figure of a man.